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My Shaklee Story

Earth Friendly Products for 38 Years

We have been using Shaklee products since 1979, beginning with Basic-H which is a biodegradable "green" cleaner before that word was even coined. We have never had to worry about our children, grandchildren, or pets being harmed by toxic chemicals in our home, and to top it off we have saved literally thousands of dollars in cleaning costs in the past 38 years. We're taking care of our planet and saving money at the same time. Now that feels GREAT!! How would you like to help keep our planet safe for our future generations - and what would you do with savings like that?

Nutritionally, we have not found a better company that backs its products with clinical studies found in the major medical journals. Honestly, I have to say we all just feel better when we use Shaklee nutritional products regularly. No worries about fillers, additives, or other harmful ingredients - all raw ingredients and finished products are tested by an approved outside agency. Check out the Shakle Difference video to learn more!


We may have our occasional struggles, but are in great shape for being over 60 - with eight children and 28 grandchildren (one great-grand)! It is a blessing to have the energy and stamina to enjoy them all! 


Join us in being good stewards of our planet and bodies - live and leave a legacy of caring!